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Clamart, France

Lives and works: Lisbon, Paris



Pauline Guerrier, a contemporary artist, operates between the cities of Paris and Lisbon. She was born in 1990 in Clamart, within a family of passionate artists. The artistic influence of her father, a sculptor, and her mother, a choreographer, as well as that of her grandmother, a ceramist, and her grandfather, a painter, shaped her path from a very young age.

In 2009, she joined the Beaux-Arts de Paris, where she began her studies in Giuseppe Penone’s studio for her first three years, then joined Ann Veronica Janssen’s studio until she graduated with her 5th-year diploma in June 2014.

Pauline Guerrier embodies a nomadic spirit, setting up her studio during her travels through Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Chile, Benin, and Senegal. She draws inspiration and knowledge from these journeys by collaborating with weavers, glassblowers, engravers, glassmakers, and mosaic artists.

In her tireless quest to master the world’s craft techniques, Pauline Guerrier juxtaposes ancestral knowledge with contemporary issues, exploring themes such as ecology, science, faith, and superstition.

She expresses herself through various art forms, from drawing to sculpture, and even performance. For her, the artistic medium is merely a vehicle for a message, a language composed of an alphabet of symbols meant to convey profound ideas.

Today, Pauline Guerrier is a recognized artist, exhibiting in prestigious international art fairs such as Art Paris, Art Genève, ArcoLisboa, Arco Madrid, Istanbul Art Fair, Sp-Arte São Paulo, PAD, and Parcours Saint-Germain. Her work is displayed in various institutions and collections, from Villa Datris to the Fondation Zinsou in Benin, through the Domaine des Étangs, MOCO in Montpellier, Artissima collection, Château La Coste, and the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam. Her artistic career is firmly established through her representation by the Foco gallery in Lisbon for four years, as well as her collaborations with the RX gallery and Clavé Fine Art gallery in Paris.


Solo Exhibition

Group Exhibitions


Award - Residency





_ «Heterotopia», Romero Paprocki Gallery, Paris, France


_ Performance: "Niglo", Théatre de Chaillot, Paris, France

_ "Ad Mire II", galerie Clavé Fine Art, Paris, France

_ "Corde Vocali II", Invisible Collection, London, UK

_ "Ad Mire", Foco Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal


_ "La Réconciliation", Gallery RX, Paris, France

_ Monumental sculpture "Nervure" for BNP head office, Paris, France

_ "Through the eyes of my Ancestors", ARCO Madrid, Galeria FOCO, Madrid, Spain


_ "O necessidade do Gesto", la Junqueiras, Lisboa, Portugal

_ "Through the eyes of my ancestors", ARCO Madrid, Spain


_ "Corde Vocali", galerie RX, Paris, France


_ "Imprint", Sisley Foundation, Paris, France

_ "Sharing a Dream", Zinsou Foundation, Benin


_ "Sacré", Perpitch & Bringand Gallery, Paris, France


_ Performance "Dans un instant", Calan d’Art, Eygalières, France


_ "Carte Blanche", Perpitch & Bringand Gallery, Paris, France


_ "Nervure", end-of-residency exhibition, ASFAP Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


_ "Empreinte", graduation exhibition, Cour vitrée des beaux arts de Paris, France


_ "Entre leurs doights", Pavillon Vendôme, Paris, France

_ Gallery Clavé, Art Paris, Paris, France


_ "Libres Courbes", galerie Gosserez, Paris, France

_ "Je est un autre", Château La Coste, Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France

_ "sur le fil", la galerie du 19 M Channel, Paris, France

_ "SP-ARTE", Maât Galery, São Paulo, Brazil

_ "Sur le fil : de Dakar à Paris", la galerie du 19M, Paris, France



_ la galerie du 19M Chanel, curated by Yvannoé Kruger, France

_ "Cosmogonie", Cobra museum, Amsterdam, Netherland

_ "Forest Fantasy", GreenLine Fondation, Ognon, France

_ "cosmogonie", MOCO, Montpelier, France

_ "Border Line", curated by Poush, Pavillon Vendôme, Paris, France



_ "Cosmogonies – Zinsou, une collection africaine", MOCO, Montpellier, France

_ "Traversée", Gallery RX, Paris, France

_ "Amuse-Bouche", Foco Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal



_ "Les Formes de l’amitié", Pierre and Poppy salinger foundation, Le Thor, France



_ "Sur Nos Traces", Château Mourgues du Gres, Beaucaire, France

_ "Genesis", FOCO Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

_ Installation of the monumental artwork "La Rûche", Yann Arthus Bertrand Foundation,

Boulogne, France.



_ "Nos Armes", Gallery Perpitch & Bringand, Paris, France

_ "Continent Project", Paris, France



_ "The Thought of the Elements", Radio Palace, Lisbon, Portugal

_ "Spring Break Art Show", New York City, USA

_ "Parcours Saint-Germain" 14th edition, Paris, France

_ Calan d’Art, presentation of the performance "Dans un instant", Eyglières, France

_ "4G", 22 Gallery, Coustellet, France



_ "Parcours Saint-Germain" 13th edition, Paris, France.

_ "Les lignes émancipées", Group exhibition, Château de Bosc, Domazan, France

_ "LE PAD Paris", Paris, France


_ Spring Break Art Show, New York City, USA

_ "Nude", galerie D’en Face, Paris, France

_ "Parcours Saint-Germain" 12th edition, "Poésie de la matière", Paris, France



_ "Maï-Masques"(charity sale), Maï-Project, Paris, France

_ "As Far As Possible", ASFAP Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

_ "Collective", by students of Ann Veronica Janssens, Beaux Arts de Paris, France

_ "Parcours Saint-Germain" 11th edition, Dinh Van, Paris, France

_ "Sculptor", Villa Datris Foundation for Contemporary Art, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France



_ "Silence", curated by Giuseppe Penone, La Tourette (Le Corbusier Building), Lyon, France



_ Calan d’Art, Festival Apart, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France



_ "White Spirit", Galerie de l’Échaudé, Paris, France


_ ARCO Madrid, Groupshow, FOCO Gallery, Spain

_ Art Brussels, FOCO Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


_ Art Paris - Art Fair, FOCO Gallery, Paris, France


_ "Sada", Voice Gallery, 154 Art Fair, Marrakech, Morocco

_ Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair, FOCO Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey


_ Art Paris - Art Fair, Perpitch & Bringand Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris, France


_ Art Genève,Perpitch & Bringand Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.


_ Residency, Fondation Zinsou, Bénin


_ Residency, la galerie du 19M, Dakar, Senegal


_ La Junqueira Residency, Lisbon, Portugal



_ La Pause Residency, Marrakech, Morocco



_ Zinsou Foundation, Benin, Africa


_ "Prix Antoine Marin" 21st edition, represented by Ivan Mesak, Paris, France



_ Residency at the Asfap gallery, Brussels, Belgium


_ Straw marquetry training at Lison Decaunes, Paris, France


2016 – 2017

_ Stained glass training, Atelier Delphine Geronazzo, Paris, France.


2009 – 2014

_ École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (DNSAP),

_ Atelier Ann Veronica Janssens, Atelier Giuseppe Penone / Diplôme National d’Arts

Plastique (DNAP), Paris.


2011 – 2012

_ University of the Arts (UDK) Berlin, Allemagne.


_ Facade of the SimoneVeil school in collaboration with the architect Amelia Tavella,

Lyon, France

_ member of the Jury of the Sisley Prize at the Beaux Art de Paris.

«Le 19M, M Comme metiers d’art, Mode,Main» | Coté Paris

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Le Figaro: «Les coups de cœur du Padz | March 2017

La Provence: «La ligne tient une place primordiale dans le language du sculpteur.»| Mai 2016

Libération Next: «Saint Germain se met à l’heure de l’art contemporain. – October 2013 | Le Monde

L’empreinte féminine sur la sculpture. – October 2013 | Clef Place aux femmes. – October 2013 | Art absolument

La Villa Datris fête la sculpture contemporaine. – 2013 | Paris Art Silence à la tourette. – March 2012 | Vogue chine collections


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